Advisory Services LLC

Enabling disruption


Oxford Advisory Services LLC provides management consulting services in the industrial biotechnology and renewable chemicals sectors.  Our global clients are driving disruption in food, agriculture, fuels, and material sciences.  We assist our clients in scaling their businesses with expertise in strategy, executive coaching and team development, business development, and commercialization with a particular focus on submerged fermentation, downstream processing, and further downstream chemical synthesis.  We are adept at markets and helping our clients build commercial relationships.  Collaboration our key skill.


Our leadership has decades of executive experience in industrial biotechnology and specialy chemicals in myriad markets across every continent - from CEO to C-level sales, marketing, business development, operations, R&D, including significant board-level experience and deep experience in creating and nurturing trust and high performance teams.


Our mission is to provide solutions that reduce client risk, generate targeted results, and build long-term client relationships.  If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website.  We look forward to earning your trust.



Scaling up

Teamwork & Experience


For each client, we pull together the necessary resources and team members to accomplish exactly what the client needs in any particular project.  No two projects are identical, and our network of consultants provide industry expertise across sectors and geographies to meet the particular needs of our client.  Every member of our project teams have worked in corporate environments, from board level to street level assignments, generally over many years . . . usually decades.  You will experience a project team that is an extension of your business with a strong emphasis on listening and learning with you, our client.  Our focus is on results, institutional learning, and long-term client relationships.

Collaborative disruption


Our core expertise is on collaboration, executive team alignment and trust, business development, and business scale-up in synthetic biology and bio-based products in high value downstream markets.  We work with disruptors who are developing and introducing technology that will feed, clothe, shelter, and nurture our rapidly growing world while significantly reducing carbon impact.

Risk mitigation


Our clients are change agents.  Risk is an inherent part of their lives.  Our job is to help our clients understand those risks, and then work together to reduce or mitigate those risks where possible.  We all want to change the world . . . but getting across the finish line requires navigating the challenges of the scale-up process . . . technically, commercially and strategically.



Our client relationships are built on competence, experience, and deep trust.  We are an extension of our client's organization, and we share our insights and experience to help our clients develop and retain institutional learning and competitive advantage.

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