Advisory Services LLC

Focused results


Oxford Advisory Services LLC provides management consulting services in the industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology and renewable chemicals sectors on a global basis.  Our expertise is in strategy, executive team development, business development, and commercial scale-up with a particular focus on submerged fermentation, downstream processing, and further downstream chemical synthesis.  We are adept at markets and helping our clients build commercial relationships.



Business strategy


We work closely with disruptors who are developing and introducing technology that will feed, clothe, shelter, and nurture our rapidly growing world.

Risk management


Our clients are change agents.  Risk is an inherent part of their lives.  We help our clients understand those risks, and then work together to reduce or mitigate those risks where possible.  We all want to change the world . . . but getting across the finish line requires navigating the challenges of the scale-up process - technically, commercially and strategically.

Business development


Changing the world requires cash, and cash comes from two sources:  investors and customers.  A core part of our practice is in assisting our clients develop sales, marketing, joint development agreements and other strategies to generate the needed cash to demonstrate value and grow the business.

Our Services

Team development


Organizational development is a complex science which often distracts from, rather than adds to strategy execution.  One of our practices is to work with management to simplify alignment, link performance goals to company strategy, and encourage cross-functional teamwork to ensure transparency, communication and trust.

Commercial scale-up


Our services include assisting our clients in identifying, validating, and negotiating access to fermentation and downstream processing facilities across the globe, to produce proteins, organic acids, enzymes, and other technologies used to produce food, fiber, agriculture and consumer products.